Things to DO in Treasure Island, FL

What to do in Treasure Island, FL

Treasure Island has miles of great beaches, the intercostal, in addition to just setting up camp on the beach in front of your hotel, we also have plenty of other things to do in and around Treasure Island, Florida.

Volunteers Needed for Oyster project to restore Fantasy Island

Tampa Bay Watch is recruiting volunteers to help install oyster domes and create an oyster shell bar on the shoreline of Fantasy Island in Hillsborough Bay.

March 1-4, 9am - noon & 1-4pm

Fantasy Island has severely eroded since it was created in the 1970's due to changes in currents and sand distribution, mainly since it is close to the heavily used shipping channel. Creation of a series of oyster dome fields and shell bars is an effort to restore lost habitat systems to the bay, prevent further erosion of Fantasy Island, and improve water quality through natural biological filtration.

Click on the below project dates to register to volunteer! If you have a boat that you are willing to volunteer to help transport oyster shell from Williams Park to Fantasy Island, click here to contact Rachel.

Oyster Dome Installation

Dome Installation is a very heavy project since oyster domes weigh over 150 pounds each. We need volunteers to help install domes on the following dates and times:

Oyster shell bar creation

Oyster shell bar creation involves shoveling fossilized oyster shells into mesh bags, transporting the bags via boat and placing oyster shell bags on the shoreline to create a series of oyster bars. It is pretty physical labor with oyster shell bags weighing around 30 pounds each, therefore the miminum age to participate is 15 years old.

We need volunteers on the following dates from 9am - noon on each day:

  • Wednesday, March 2
  • Thursday, March 3
  • Friday, March 4
  • Click a time you wish to volunteer to be taken directly to our sign up page.

    Meeting Location

    The meeting location is Williams Park Boat Ramp, 8749 U.S. 41, Riverview, FL 33578.
    The boat ramp is on the west side of US 41 (Tamiami Trail) where US 41 and the north side of the Alafia River intersect.


    Treasure Island, FL Weather

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