When you go on a Florida beach vacation you are you usually there to forget about everything. Here are three things you want to remember.

A cup for the day

Cups are incredibly important when you are on a beach vacation with your family. Your beach hotel may provide three or four flimsy plastic cups and possibly two styrofoam coffee cups.

Perhaps your children have insisted… But it is my cup for the day. Well, maintaining your glass is incredibly important for grown-ups too.


Sure a smartphone is an easy and convenient to have with you when you’re on a beach vacation, but what are you going to do when you impulsively decide to rent a JetSki or try out a jet pack suit?

For these occasions nothing beats a GoPro to capture the experience of a beach vacation.

Great place to stay

Finding the right hotel for your hot Florida beach vacation can make all the difference in the world. The Tampa bay beaches offer a great variety of hotels and condos for rent. Check out our rental directory here.